Updates for October 25, 2021
📲Mobile - Prioritized Audio Mode
Two screenshots of Gather on Mobile. In the first, prioritized audio is turned on and the regular view of videos is replaced by character icons with each person's name underneath. The second image shows a presentation that is being shared. The current slide says, Team Updates." The other people connected have their icons and names listed underneath the presentation.
Improve general performance on mobile and reduce battery usage with our new
Prioritize Audio
toggle! This setting will turn off incoming video streams and replace them with their character icons. You can still choose to see individual video streams in expanded mode by selecting someone's name or shared screen. If you are currently viewing a shared screen or have someone's video selected in expanded video mode, we will preserve your preference while turning off other video streams.
🔮Mobile - Help Us Improve Stability!
A set of three screenshots of Gather on mobile. In the first, the menu available by selecting the ellipses is open. The third item in the menu, "Report an issue" is outlined in red. In the second, the Report an issue window is open.  The window allows you to choose a Reason from a drop-down menu, enter your email address, and enter a message. A checkbox is selected for the option to "Send error report with video and screen data (helps us figure out the issue)." In the third, the success message for reporting an issue displays, which says "Thanks! We got your message." and shows an avatar wearing a pointy hat sitting in front of a crystal ball.
We are always looking to improve your Gather experience. To help us learn about issues you're encountering, we've added bug reporting to our mobile site. You can find it in your mobile settings menu by selecting the three dots on the bottom right side of your screen.
Please report any issues you encounter. We look at every report and want to create the best experience possible.
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added mobile symbol next to name of people using our mobile site on the desktop browser Participants list
  • Added check box to stop showing the limited functionality mobile site warning each time you use Gather on mobile
  • Revamped incompatible browser warning page
  • Added a better redirection screen for unsupported browsers on iOS
  • Fixed bug preventing Information Board from appearing in several event Spaces (not available in Remote Work Spaces)
  • Fixed checkbox warnings appearing in the dev console
  • Updated subscription messages on Space dashboard to show when they end after a subscription has been canceled
  • Fixed issue with being unable to edit some active reservations
  • Added better Space creation flow to take you straight to appropriate templates based on use case
  • Better handling of extreme spikes in usage
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team