Updates for October 19, 2021
🔊 Video Volume Sliders
A screenshot of the Night Market template. The A/V preview at the top of the screen has a new expanded menu open from an ellipses button. Clicking the ellipses on an A/V preview allows you to adjust the User Volume on a slider or to block the user.
Adjust the volume of others on a person-by-person basis! We're excited to make this highly requested feature available on our browser and desktop application. You can even adjust the volume of shared audio from a shared screen separately from the person who's screensharing!
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Removed ability to accidently remove self as owner of a Space
  • Adjusted behavior to automatically focus on the chat input box after selecting
    Send Message
    from someone's user card
  • Updated various scrollbars to match our current style
  • Mapmaker - Fixed bug that caused a previous object to be moved if you select and move a new object as a click-and-drag action
  • Mapmaker - Adjusted text to better communicate Spotlight limitations
  • Homepage (aka /app) - Added ability to edit name and character to profile menu
  • Homepage - Added account identification information to profile menu
  • Dashboard - Fixed past reservations showing the wrong date
  • Continued to improve reliability and implemented several monitoring systems to alert us of issues sooner
  • Implemented performance improvements for large spaces
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team