Updates for November 8, 2021
Screenshot of the character selector with the "special" tab selected and the "Wheel of Time" category highlighted. Several example Character costumes are shown such as Mat and Moirane
This week is a little quiet while we spin a few more threads for the Pattern of the Ages. Looking forward to sharing what we've been working on!
ūü¶óLess Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Adjusted friending error messages to be more clear when when you try to friend someone who can't be friended
  • Adjusted Emotes to center them and add animations
  • Added more helpful error messages if two or more people try to edit the Information Board at the same time
  • Added a mid-quality video auto-adjustment to some situations to help improve performance
  • Fixed a bug with very old spaces not displaying correctly
  • Major scalability improvements in the works
  • Made builder mode faster and more reliable, and improved one issue with very large maps
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team