Updates for June 6, 2021
If you're looking to Gather for some fun in the proverbial sun with your friends and family this Summer, be on the look out this Sunday for a Special Summer Promotion!
A portion of our actual remote-work office fully dec'd out and ready for Summer! The top portion of this image features a sandy beach with a grass roof bar area framed by tiki torches and a young coconut drink on the table. There are several beach chairs, towels, and palm trees laid out as well as a fire pit and a volcano on the right side. The bottom half is a water scene with a jet ski, duck shark fin, and surfboard. In the bottom right corner there are 3 people, two are underwater and the their is dancing on the wood floor next to them. pride bunting on the bottom right
🎙Original Audio Setting
You can find the Original Audio setting under your User Preferences.
Running a Concert? Planning a talent show? Or maybe the default audio processing from Gather just isn't working for you? Well, now you can use your Original Audio in Gather!
We believe in flexibility and customization. With the new Original Audio setting, you can gain greater control on how your audio is processed! When you turn this setting on you will turn off:
  • Echo cancelling
  • Noise suppression, and
  • Gain control
The audio you send to Gather through your own input system will be played as is. Our audio codec is set to a 48k clock rate, with 2 channels.
🌌Seamless Inter-Space travel
An animated image showing a person named Dr. Where walking across an eclectically decorated office to a desk area decorated like a tropical island. Upon arrive at the island, they are prompted with a message saying, "This portal will direct you to another Space. Press the Enter key to Continue." Upon doing so, they are transported to a large tropical island
As the World becomes more connected, we've found that more and more people want to connect their Spaces with others. To improve this experience, we've removed the audio and video check screen for those traveling from one Gather Space to the next using Inter-Space portals. You will still get the warning about entering a new Space, but you won't be asked to check your hair before entering anymore!
Whether you're connecting your own Spaces or the Spaces from a huge collaborative effort between several organizations, we hope this helps create a more seamless experience for your guests.
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round up
  • Additional ambient sound selections through Object Picker!
  • Follow feature breaking through portals fixed
  • Increase nickname limit to 50
  • "Newly Added" category added to Object Picker
  • Minor fixes to rotating and copying objects in mapmaker
  • Push Notification fixes
  • Exit Gridview with iframes fix
  • Build tool click priority fix
  • Link to Premium Dashboard added to Mapmaker
  • Updated modals for banning users
  • Adjusted default zoom
  • Password Revalidation
  • /app avatar picker white screen
  • Notifications temporarily removed from desktop app
  • Lots of backend improvements
  • Several performance improvement tweaks