Updates for June 27, 2021
Summer is in Full Swing and our Art team is excited to help you celebrate with friends near and far! Meanwhile, our engineering team has been hard at work improving performance, squishing bugs, and creating some huge quality of life improvements we are looking forward to releasing!
four images in a 2 by 2 grid. The upper left image is of fireworks in a box on the end of a doc, the upper right photo is of 6 chairs around a firepit with a bbq grill to the right side of the grill, the bottom left image is of an ice cream truck, and the bottom right image is of fireworks on a black background
⚠ Potential Service Disruptions
And image of a granny throwing her laptop into the trash
On Monday, June 28th at 9:00 AM ET (UTC-4) we will be performing a routine database migration. We expect little to no disruptions to our service; however, we also understand we should not assume.
Remember, you can always check https://status.gather.town/ to find out about the current status of our services or subscribe to https://twitter.com/gather_status to get live updates!
👀 Sneak Preview of Space Dashboard Update
A screen grab of the new dashboard which is a lovely dark blue color with option categories on the left side and the view of the category on the right. Categories include Reservations, Space Preferences, User Roles, Space Access, Banned Users, and Shut Down or Delete.
No new major features this week. Instead, please enjoy this sneak peak at our upcoming Premium Dashboard update! In addition to this sleek new interface, we have a big announcement to make in early to mid-July, so stay tuned!
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Canada Day and 4th of July objects are live!
  • Added line breaks to Note objects [Use "\n" or "\r"]
  • Fix a few bugs for TV Modal bugs and tweaked its UI
  • Added differentiation between others self muting and you muting others
  • Added tool tips for various UI features
  • Fixed z-index on emote picker
  • Smoothed out Private Space highlight transition
  • Added validation for adding user role fields
  • Locate now renders above objects
  • Patched restrictions to file uploads
  • Fixed several door extensions bugs
  • Fixed undefined camera and mic input when portaling between spaces
  • Fixed a few Smart Zoom Bugs
  • Fixed 500 error for "Join Space" email invite flow
  • Highlight other characters when mouse'd over
  • Desktop app - Fixed error on closing mini-window
  • API - Fixed user token input for PUT calls
  • API - Patched several endpoints
  • Several performance fixes and improvements