Updates for January 10, 2022
A New Years Space in Gather, with Riley and a black cat together in a living room with blue couches and carpet.
↗ Engineering Level-Up
It’s been an incredible year and a half, and we’re grateful for all of your support. To help continue building an incredible product, we will be taking the first 3 weeks of the year to solely focus on work that makes it easier for us to develop and maintain high-quality code. This means feature development will be paused and our next changelog update will likely be
January 24th
We’re using this as a chance to raise the bar for what good engineering looks like at Gather and lay the groundwork for the year to come. Our intended outcomes include:
  • Fixing internal pain points
  • Creating a joyful engineering environment
  • Improving engineering craftsmanship
  • Practicing metacognition and how we work, and making them more efficient
We appreciate all of your patience and support during this time!
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Adjusted age restrictions warning to be consistent across all platforms
  • Deprecated “Press e to teleport”
  • Adjusted Smart Zoom to round to the nearest 50% rather than 25% to improve how images and backgrounds render
  • Updated how connections are managed for better reliability
That's all for now! See you January 24th!
- The Gather Team