Updates for April 4, 2021
👩‍🏫 The New Whiteboard
image of an office meeting room with fax machine, commercial printer, and white board
We are excited to announce the release of our new whiteboard integration with Eraser [tryeraser.com/home]! With this board, you can:
  • Draw vector graphic objects that are easy to rotate, scale, and move around the canvas
  • Adjust the z-height of your objects
  • Easily center and fit all of the contents into your view window
  • Easily copy, paste, and delete drawn objects using universal keyboard shortcuts
  • Use any and every color available via hex code
  • Share notes for your brainstorming session in real time with markup notation
  • Easily switch your own personal view between notes only, canvas only, and having a side-by side view without affecting your collaborators' view
Image showing the new white board interface with notes on one side and drawings on the other. One object is selected to show properties
You can check out the new white board by navigating to tryeraser.com or by dropping a new white board into your space!
A Note on Old Boards:
Never fear, old Cocreate boards inside of Gather Spaces will not be altered. We have no intention of removing them at this time; however, we do not plan to offer support for them moving forward.
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round up
  • Hotkeys in MM activated on start
  • Auto-mute bug
  • Lingering audio bug
  • Performance Tweaks
  • And other, smaller bugs
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team