Updates for September 27, 2021
📲 Gather on the Go
 A screenshot of the view of Gather in mobile. Instructions on the screen read: “Double tap to move” and “Hold and drag to move.” 2) A gif of Gather on mobile. The three dots at the bottom of the screen are tapped. A menu opens that reads “On the Go” at the top. Quiet mode is toggled on, and then “Change A/V input” is tapped to view Video and Camera inputs.
We're excited to finally announce our latest mobile updates! With this update, we've brought several features that were previously only available on our web app such as:
  • Toggling
    Quiet Mode
    on and off
    (Not available in Remote Work Offices)
  • Adjusting your audio and video settings (you can now switch to your front-facing camera!)
  • Editing your name and character after entering a Space, and
  • Respawning (in case you get stuck or want a quick way to restart your journey!)
Stay tuned for additional updates! Note that at this time, object interactions and chat will only be available on the web or desktop app.
⛅ Sunsetting Gather-hosted Cocreate Boards
It is sad to say, but it is officially time for us to let go. On November 1st, all Gather-hosted Cocreate whiteboards will no longer be functional. Cocreate whiteboards may be found in older Gather Spaces (created before April 2021) and may look something like this:
A screenshot of a fullscreen Cocreate board in Gather, which features a drawing in purple of a dragon. At the top of the Cocreate board, a message reads, “This whiteboard is hosted on Gather and will no longer be available after November 1, 2021. Prior to that date, replace this Cocreate whiteboard with our new Eraser-powered whiteboard object, or add a Cocreate URL as an embedded website for this whiteboard object.”
If you have data stored on a Cocreate whiteboard that you don't want to lose, please save your whiteboard's contents as an .svg file using Cocreate's built-in tool. If you would like to continue using Cocreate in your Spaces, please create a new Cocreate board at https://cocreate.csail.mit.edu/ and replace the embedded website link with your new board.
🦗 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Improved server-side performance to fix the recent increase in lag for very large Spaces
  • Improved map loading times, most noticeable for very large Spaces
  • Added "no pinned messages" tooltip to Information Board in the Left Nav Menu
  • Fixed name and avatars to properly persist after Tutorial Island
  • Fixed poster "presenter mode" accidental teleport bug
  • Created "fatal error" messages to better identify where and when issues occur and prompt contacting us
  • Implemented a few large stability improvements!
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for September 20, 2021
Happy Harvest Festival! Hope you've all had a bountiful year! As the seasons change, so does Gather with the launch of our new Landing Page!
A screenshot of the greenhouse template, which features a building made of windows next to a stream, with paper lanterns hanging throughout the greenhouse and in the colorful trees surrounding the greenhouse.
🛬 New Landing Page
Your Gather Homepage has a new look! When you launch or sign in to Gather, you'll see a
tab. With the new
tab, you will be able to see Spaces you have last visited in addition to viewing all the Spaces that you own.
A gif of the new homepage where you can access your Spaces that you've recently visited and that you've made in the Spaces tab, as well as a Discover tab where you can explore curated public Spaces dedicated to Experiences, Community Spaces, and Events.
On the
tab you can explore some of the incredible Spaces and Experiences created by other Gatherers! If you'd like to submit your own Space to be featured, click
Submit Your Event or Space
at the bottom of the screen. Submissions are being reviewed and added regularly.
We are still in the process of refining the Discover tab and look forward to hearing about all of your feedback. For feature requests, check out our Feature Request Page. For general feedback, please fill out this form!
📌 Information board [Gradual Rollout]
Some of you may have noticed the pin in the upper left corner of your Spaces. This is for our new announcement board system! If the owner of the Space you are visiting has left a message on the board, you will be able to see it by clicking on this pin.
A view of a fancy office with an Information Board panel expanded. There are several boxes of messages, indicating that you can have multiple messages pinned.
To create a message on this board, you will need to navigate to your Space's Dashboard. You can do so by either clicking on the "Manage or upgrade Space" button on the bottom right corner of your screen above your preview video or by clicking on the Gather menu in the upper left corner.
A screenshot of the Space Dashboard with the Information Board section open. There is a button for New Post, as well as a list of current messages that can be edited and managed.
From your Space's Dashboard, you can easily edit, delete, or rearrange any of the posts on your information board. Note that, at this time, only Space owners may create or edit posts.
We are still iterating on this feature, so you may see a few more updates over time! The old announcements feature (Pinned Moderator Message) will still be accessible for the near future.
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Major improvements to connection reliability, especially in Asia — should fix most "black screen" issues
  • Added ability to have multiple domains whitelisted when restricting Space access
  • Adjusted Object Picker to remember where you were last! Take back literal hours of your day scrolling to find the same object but different orientation!
  • Fixed bug where object picker would crash if you selected any object and then decided to click on "insert text" rather than placing the object
  • Adjusted standing and rotating on a portal to no longer take you through the portal
  • Fixed bug where recent chat messages would not persist
  • Fixed vertical spacing errors throughout UI and adjusted underlying text component strategy
  • Added help text in Space Reservations for active monthly subscriptions to indicate that capacity cannot be adjusted mid-month at this time
  • Added "Monthly Price Guarantee" tool tip in dynamic cost calculator (seen on Pricing page and Space Dashboard in Space Reservations when creating a reservation for 3 or more days)
  • Improved information available on receipts and invoices
  • Added "Discover" option for /get-started links from the Gather main website
  • Testing adjusting the Gather logo to a Home icon
  • Officially retired Old Mapmaker
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Schedule Shift
Quick Mini-update!
We're shifting our release schedule. Rather than Sundays at 3am ET (UTC-4:00), new releases will be in the morning on the first U.S. business day after the weekend. We realize this may impact more events and offices than the prior release timeframe, but we also believe that this will improve the overall experience of using Gather by increasing the number of available engineers who can handle surprise issues quickly. For the most part, you should not notice any changes if you're online. If you do, remember to refresh your page!
We appreciate all of your patience as we adjust to a more sustainable model. See you on Tuesday, September 7th!
Updates for August 29, 2021
 A screenshot of the office complex, focused on the two conference rooms in the bottom left of the map. A character named AJ (They/Them) is standing alone in a nautical-themed room, which has two circular tables, several barrels, a treasure chest, a ship painting, a pirate flag, and bunting. In the cyberpunk themed conference room to the right, four grey desks are grouped together, with a brain in a jar resting on top. Piles of waste and a trash barrel fire are in the room, as well as a neon image of a rocket and a digital map on the wall.
Make more meetings in the Metaverse! Why settle for a boring video chatroom when you can get a nice change of scenery by building and using themed conference rooms? Try searching for "Nautical" or "Cyberpunk" in our Object Picker!
This week, we continued working on stability and performance. Hope you've been able to notice a difference! We've also been laying down some serious behind the scenes foundations and starting work on a few long awaited quality of life improvements.
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Stopped chat notification sound from triggering in addition to the ring sound when you ring someone
  • Adjusted ring sound to stop sooner when you tab back
  • Fixed "disable screen sharing" setting to work again
  • Fixed screen shares from being stuck in low resolutions after experiencing a network drop
  • Fixed bug that prevented moderator message from displaying properly
  • Fixed banner from affecting Mapmaker's sizing and hiding the x,y coordinates
  • Reworked time zone selector in Space dashboard
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for August 22, 2021
New Project (11) (1)
Arrrrrrr you ready? Look out for these lovely new maps by our incredible art team!
Otherwise, this week is sparse on new features as we continue working on stability, performance, and applying last week's lessons learned to improve your experience moving forward!
🏘 Explore and Discover
We would like to give a shout out to the incredible community builders we've seen over the last few months! Check out the Unofficial Gather Communities Page where we've collected a few of the larger communities we've heard about. If your Regional Gather Community Group would like to be added to this list, please email community@gather.town.
It's been incredible to see people from all of the world working together to bring each other closer together while physically distancing to help slow the spread of COVID. Thank you for all that you do!
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added Suggested Objects for Build Mode tab (to complement recent objects)
  • Fixed issue with set object "start time" not triggering
  • Fixed bug for Build Mode that allowed placing preview objects even if you did not have permission to build [no more ghost trees!]
  • Fixed Erase Mode rapid use white screen issue
  • Desktop App - Fixed bug that prevented screen sharing
  • Cleaned up a lot of code
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for July 25, 2021
⚠ Custom Max Capacity Messages
A screenshot of a Space dashboard, with Space Access active in the Left Nav Menu. In the Capacity Limit section, Customize Warning Screen Text is toggled on. You can enter a custom message that will display to new guests who try to join your Space after it has reached maximum capacity.
On the off chance that more people join your event than you were expecting, we are now reducing the impact on your event's performance by providing an over capacity message to additional guests. Important notes for this update:
  • You will still have a small buffer beyond your set capacity
  • Performance will likely still degrade as more and more people join
  • The capacity limit message will only appear for guests beyond this buffer
  • You can set a custom capacity limit message for them to see
  • Guests will always be given the option to go back to the page that they were previously on
We're hoping this will help give you time to update your reservation before your event is overwhelmed.
The custom capacity limit message can be set on your Space's dashboard within the Space Access category. By default the message will look like the image on the left:
In the first image on the left, the default message displays for guests who try to enter your Space after it reaches maximum capacity. The second image on the right shows where your text will display if you choose to enter your own message.
Your custom message, character limit 250, can include:
  • Information on who to contact
  • A link to an alternate Space to visit, and
  • Anything else you think will be useful for your guests!
Remember, if you need to increase your Space's capacity, you can always do so on your Space dashboard. Please allow 15 to 20 minutes for the changes to be reflected in your Space!
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added warning that Space name cannot be changed once Space is created
  • Added search field to Create New Space page
  • Changed video preview image behavior to improve frame rate when walking past video objects
  • Removed
    Make Moderator
    button if participant is not signed in
  • Fixed white screen from opening character selector before Space is fully loaded
  • Created new, more descriptive "Auto Idle Mute" modal
  • Added video auto-reset after videos are watched to completion
  • Fixed emote display-related bug
  • Adjusted Space name display length limits
  • Added option to email yourself a Space link when accessing Gather via mobile
  • Fixed authentication errors for Space owners accessing Mapmaker
  • Fixed bug for using "original audio" to properly switch over mid-conversation
  • Fixed chat auto-scroll bug
  • Fixed characters lingering after logging off
  • Made reconnecting faster after disconnects
  • Cleaned up a lot of code
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for August 15, 2021
🔨Build Mode Improvements [Gradual Rollout]
off grid building with search
We're making it easier and easier to completely redecorate your entire Space on a regular basis! With this update to Build Mode we've added:
  • Off-grid object placement (You can still snap-to-grid by holding hold ctrl/⌘), and
  • An in-tab object searcher
Hopefully this will help you find objects faster and center them exactly the way you've always dreamed you could (without the hassle of opening the Mapmaker). If the default coloring/design for the object isn't quite what you were looking for, you can always dive into the Object Picker for our full range of options!
📱 Mobile In-Browser Improvements
New Project (10) (1)
We are finally able to begin improvements to our mobile experience! We're excited to highlight a few of the preliminary changes to the mobile in-browser experience such as:
  • Redesigning the sign-in screen and adding dark-mode support
  • Improving how your Homepage (aka the /app page) displays
  • Updating the mobile beta warning to offer you the option of e-mailing yourself a link to the Space so you can enjoy the Best of Gather at this point in time
  • Adjusting Gather to allow displaying top and bottom navigation bars
These are the first in many, many steps to providing an overall better experience on Mobile devices. Unfortunately, as there is a lot to cover, work on mobile improvements may be much slower than most of you (and we) would like, but we are very optimistic about the outcomes!
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • New character picker rolled out to 100% of all Spaces
  • Rolled out one-time password to 100% of all users (no more magic links!)
  • Added a gorgeous new Space loading screen with % progress bar
  • Fixed Auto-idle-mute to not trigger when interacting with iframes/embedded website objects
  • Fixed accidently indicating an audio issue for some instances of muted microphones
  • Fixed A/V issues from over reporting during Remote Work Office Demo
  • Desktop App - Fixed error with mini-window sizing
  • Several client-side performance improvements
  • Cleaned up some backend code and inconsistencies
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for August 8, 2021
💻 Remote Work-Exclusive Features
Some of you may already know this, but Gather has never had a physical office. In fact, when the company was founded, only 1 of our 4 founders had met everyone else in person! Needless to say, improving the remote work experience is high on our list of priorities, and we're excited to announce a few remote-work exclusive features!
A few of these features have been quietly trickling out over the last few weeks. Features will continue rolling out to more Remote Work Spaces* as we gain confidence in the features' performance and stability.
📆 Personal Calendar [Gradual Rollout for Remote Work Spaces Only]
To help keep track of your schedule, you can now link your personal Google Calendar with Gather!
  • Personal calendar events will be displayed in addition to the Space-wide calendar events
  • Only you will be able to see your calendar events
  • Only one GCal account can be linked per Gather account (but you can display as many calendars from that account as you like!)
  • If the location for your calendar event is a Custom Spawn Location Link, you can teleport straight to the location using your Gather Calendar
A screenshot of the Fancy Office, with the Calendar panel expanded. Remote work users now have the beta feature of adding their personal Google calendars to their Space by clicking Sign in with Google.
For more information on this feature, check out our article on Space vs. Personal Calendar!
👩‍🎤 Members List [Remote Work Spaces Only]
To better track who's a member of your office and who's a guest, we've added membership sections (Members, Guests, and Offline Members) in the Participants panel for remote work users! A Member is a user who is logged into the Space with their Gather account
and has been set as a Moderator, Builder, or Owner
in that Space.
You can use our new invite modal to directly invite your co-workers as Members of your Space. Once they accept the invitation, they will be added as Builders and can immediately start decorating their own desks!
If you invite a Member to your remote office Space, they must first create an account. Then after signing in, they will be added in the Builder user role.
A view of the updated remote office invitation modal, which is split into two tabs: Members and Guests. You can invite up to 50 members by email or copy and paste the link to your Space. You can also create a link with an expiration date on the Guests tab.
Your Space is a Remote Work Space and eligible for the above features if you responded "Coworkers/ remote work" to the question, "What are you building this space for?" during the original creation of your Space.
📊 Performance and Stability
pixel Granny
Thank you all for bearing with us this last week. We have had a record number of service outage, some of which were on us, and some of which were on our own service provider. We are painfully aware of the issues this causes for everyone's workflows and appreciate your support as these issues were resolved.
We are 98% sure that we've tracked down the root causes and have implemented changes to help provide a more stable experience moving forward. Thank you to all of you who have reported issues as soon as they happen and have worked with us to help understand the problem.
Again, if you experience issues, please e-mail us at support@gather.town!
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Fixed Space calendar bug so that only Owners, Moderators, and Builders see the Create new event button in the Calendar panel
  • Fixed spotlighting bug that prevented guests from manually unspotlight themselves
  • Fixed character picker bugs
  • New character picker rolled out to 50% of all Spaces
  • Created an invitation flow so that when someone is added as a Builder, Moderator, or Owner but does not have an account, they will be invited to create one via email
  • Fixed infinite loading bug
  • Resize signing modal for Mobile
  • Fixed position on Left Nav Participants Card
  • Updated desktop app to v14
  • Updated invite modal for remote offices to separate Member and Guest invites
  • Email invite field for remote offices increased to allow 50 different email addresses at a time
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for August 1, 2021
🤸‍♀️ New Character Picker [Gradual Roll-out]
The new character picker overlays a pirate themed Space. The pirate character in the picker has the name Fancy Pants Jones. The new character picker includes categories for Body (Skin, Hair, Facial Hair), Clothing (Top, Bottom, Shoes), and Accessories (Hat, Glasses, Other). Each category has up to 9 color options: black, grey, white, blue, purple, red, yellow, brown, or green.
Avast, ye land lubbers! Time's come for a new-fangled character picker! Hundreds of custom combinations await, if ye dare! Customizable components include:
  • Skin tone
  • Hair (on your head and your face)
  • Shirts/ Dresses
  • Pants
  • Shoes, and
  • Accessories Galore!
Our wonderful Art team has been working tirelessly to help bring this to life. More options will be added over time. This feature will be gradually rolled out to make sure there aren't any surprise issues before going fully live on all Gather Spaces!
🏙️ Public Spaces and Events [Coming Soon!]
We plan to launch a Discover page for public Spaces and events. If you would like your Space or Event to be listed, please fill out this form.
🏘️ Gather Plaza Beta [Accepting Applications Now!]
A screenshot of the beta Gather Plaza. The Plaza will offer co-working areas, seen in this image as carpeted areas with tables and chairs, to meet and network with other remote office users in Gather.
We are beginning explorations for the very first official “Gather Plaza,” a communal space designed to be a virtual hub, accessible right outside your remote work office's front door.
You will be able to mingle with employees from other companies connected to the plaza during lunch or after work. There will also be exclusive events held in the plaza for the beta cohort!
If you are interested in connecting your office to the Gather plaza, please fill out this form to join the waitlist!
Updates for July 18, 2021
Untitled (21)
😎New Look, Better Prices!
A view of the new Space dashboard. The Create Reservation tab displays, with the updated pricing for 2-hour ($2/user), Per day ($3/user), and Monthly ($7/user) reservations.
In case you haven't seen or heard, we've given both our front page as well as all of your Space dashboards fresh new looks. Additionally, we've scrubbed our pricing structure to clean up confusion and provide more affordable ways to Gather.
As part of this update, we've:
  • Completely eliminated object limitations (though please remember that more objects may mean more lag on older machines)
  • Made receipts for active and upcoming events available directly from your dashboard, and
  • Automatically transferred all subscriptions to the new, lower rate and prorated them for the period between now and their next renewal date
Note that the day rate is per 24-hour period. This means:
  • A 24-hour event that crosses midnight will cost $3/user
  • A 25-hour event will cost $6/user, same as a 48 hour event (so take advantage of the extra time!)
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Fixed Spawn Tile ID same name different room bug
  • Corrected price calculation for invoices on new dashboard
  • Corrected price calculation on pricing page
  • Fixed Respawn and Spawn Tile ID bugs
  • Fixed image anti-aliasing
  • Fixed dashboard "join as participant" link
  • Added mobile warning for /app landing page
  • Released Beta Desktop app v12 (updated electron libraries)
  • Improved reconnection messages
  • Removed "connecting..." message for those seeing "Sharing A/V with too many people" because it was redundant
  • Capped number of messages visible in chat panel to 80 most recent
  • Cleaned up a good number of things behind the scenes to help improve performance
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
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