Updates for July 25, 2021
⚠ Custom Max Capacity Messages
A screenshot of a Space dashboard, with Space Access active in the Left Nav Menu. In the Capacity Limit section, Customize Warning Screen Text is toggled on. You can enter a custom message that will display to new guests who try to join your Space after it has reached maximum capacity.
On the off chance that more people join your event than you were expecting, we are now reducing the impact on your event's performance by providing an over capacity message to additional guests. Important notes for this update:
  • You will still have a small buffer beyond your set capacity
  • Performance will likely still degrade as more and more people join
  • The capacity limit message will only appear for guests beyond this buffer
  • You can set a custom capacity limit message for them to see
  • Guests will always be given the option to go back to the page that they were previously on
We're hoping this will help give you time to update your reservation before your event is overwhelmed.
The custom capacity limit message can be set on your Space's dashboard within the Space Access category. By default the message will look like the image on the left:
In the first image on the left, the default message displays for guests who try to enter your Space after it reaches maximum capacity. The second image on the right shows where your text will display if you choose to enter your own message.
Your custom message, character limit 250, can include:
  • Information on who to contact
  • A link to an alternate Space to visit, and
  • Anything else you think will be useful for your guests!
Remember, if you need to increase your Space's capacity, you can always do so on your Space dashboard. Please allow 15 to 20 minutes for the changes to be reflected in your Space!
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added warning that Space name cannot be changed once Space is created
  • Added search field to Create New Space page
  • Changed video preview image behavior to improve frame rate when walking past video objects
  • Removed
    Make Moderator
    button if participant is not signed in
  • Fixed white screen from opening character selector before Space is fully loaded
  • Created new, more descriptive "Auto Idle Mute" modal
  • Added video auto-reset after videos are watched to completion
  • Fixed emote display-related bug
  • Adjusted Space name display length limits
  • Added option to email yourself a Space link when accessing Gather via mobile
  • Fixed authentication errors for Space owners accessing Mapmaker
  • Fixed bug for using "original audio" to properly switch over mid-conversation
  • Fixed chat auto-scroll bug
  • Fixed characters lingering after logging off
  • Made reconnecting faster after disconnects
  • Cleaned up a lot of code
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for July 18, 2021
Untitled (21)
😎New Look, Better Prices!
A view of the new Space dashboard. The Create Reservation tab displays, with the updated pricing for 2-hour ($2/user), Per day ($3/user), and Monthly ($7/user) reservations.
In case you haven't seen or heard, we've given both our front page as well as all of your Space dashboards fresh new looks. Additionally, we've scrubbed our pricing structure to clean up confusion and provide more affordable ways to Gather.
As part of this update, we've:
  • Completely eliminated object limitations (though please remember that more objects may mean more lag on older machines)
  • Made receipts for active and upcoming events available directly from your dashboard, and
  • Automatically transferred all subscriptions to the new, lower rate and prorated them for the period between now and their next renewal date
Note that the day rate is per 24-hour period. This means:
  • A 24-hour event that crosses midnight will cost $3/user
  • A 25-hour event will cost $6/user, same as a 48 hour event (so take advantage of the extra time!)
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Fixed Spawn Tile ID same name different room bug
  • Corrected price calculation for invoices on new dashboard
  • Corrected price calculation on pricing page
  • Fixed Respawn and Spawn Tile ID bugs
  • Fixed image anti-aliasing
  • Fixed dashboard "join as participant" link
  • Added mobile warning for /app landing page
  • Released Beta Desktop app v12 (updated electron libraries)
  • Improved reconnection messages
  • Removed "connecting..." message for those seeing "Sharing A/V with too many people" because it was redundant
  • Capped number of messages visible in chat panel to 80 most recent
  • Cleaned up a good number of things behind the scenes to help improve performance
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for July 11, 2021
💫 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
A view of the Forgotten Realms map by Wizards of the Coast for their Magic the Gathering event. The view shows a dark cave lit by torches and an entrance to a deeper cavern with the insignia of the Magic the Gathering Game above the entrance.
For a limited time, Wizards of the Coast is sharing their stunning choose-your-own-Gather-adventure map as a template letting you explore Faerun at your own leisure and discover new cards from the upcoming Magic the Gathering set. Create a new Space using this template listed under the "Experience" category to try out the magic with your friends!
❎ More Descriptive Connection Issue Messaging
A view of a park space as a guest speaker. A red warning message displays at the bottom of the window that reads "Sharing A/V with too many people. Try turning off your video or screen."
To help build a better understanding of particular issues, we've added warning messages for when someone is trying to connect to more participants than can currently be supported by Gather (currently 100 participants if you're screen sharing in addition to sharing your own video and audio). This is most likely to happen when spotlighted and attempting to broadcasting to a large number of participants in the room.
The person who is spotlighted will see a red error message informing them of the issue. The participants that are unable to connect to the broadcast will see the speaker's video box appear, but the video stream will show a message stating that they are, "Sharing A/V with too many people."
A view of a park Space as a participant trying to connect to a speaker. The speaker's video preview shows the message "Sharing A/V with too many people."
🌼 Friendly Plants that Grow Extension (Beta)!
animated image of a person named Demeter walking up to a plan that syas "press x to water" and then the message changing to "Thanks for watering me <3 (Plant already watered this hour)
Looking to add a little life to your Gather office or event Space? Check out our new Friendly Plants Extension! Press X to water them and watch them grow over time!
To get started with our extensions, you will first need to:
  1. Activate Beta Features in your space
  2. Turn on each extension you wish to use by going into the Mapmaker options menu and opening the Extensions Settings
plants extension
Once you've activated the Friendly Plant extension, you can find and place plants using the Object Picker.
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Updated "Create a new Space" template categories
  • Fixed Bluetooth audio connection bugs + issues with Airpods
  • Fixed time zone bug for synced TVs
  • Fixed syncing between Live TV for different users
  • Desktop app - Fixed minimize button bug
  • Added validation to ensure at least one default spawn tile per room
  • Fixed Builder permission bugs
  • Migrated user preferences to database rather than local storage
  • Added several graphic optimizations to improve performance
  • Adjusted error messages to render below feedback/report and issue modal
  • Extensions (password doors) bugfixes
Updates for July 4, 2021
❎ New Interactive Object Prompt Message Location
An interactive image that shows a character named "dungeon delver" approaching a note object. A message appears to the right of the note that says, "Press X for note." The character then moves across the room towards a witch. When the character is near the witch, a message appears to the right of the witch saying, "I think I heard Something!"
We've updated where the prompt message appears for interactive objects! Rather than appearing at the bottom of the screen, they will now appear adjacent to the object. The message will typically appear on the right side unless your character blocks the text, in which case it will appear on the opposite side.
💫 Custom Spawn Tiles
An animated image that shows the user moving through the process of creating a custom spawn tile using the calendar side panel, clicking "create new event," selecting, "Create at location," and clicking on "open Mapmaker to be taken to the Mapmaker. The term "bar" is then entered into the field labeled "Set custom spawn tile ID" on the right side panel and a spot next to the bar is clicked to set the tile named "bar."
We are excited to announce the advent of custom Spawn Tiles! With these named tiles, you can now easily send your friends exactly to where you'd like to meet them (or teleport straight to your meetings). A few notes:
  • Custom Spawn Tiles can only be generated in the Mapmaker by those with Build permissions
  • Guests can only directly spawn on custom Spawn Tiles if use they associated location link.
  • All new guests to your Space will always arrive at your default, non-named Spawn Tile locations unless they are given a specific Gather location link.
  • Only users with Build access will be able to see the "Create new event" button on your Space-wide calendar
And animated image showing a calendar event being selected and the button "teleport" being clicked that takes the user straight to the bar location on the map.
Custom Spawn Tiles have been linked to the Calendar function. When you link your calendar to Gather using your iCal link, you can create events with specific locations inside of Gather using location links! If an event on your calendar has an associated Gather location link, you will be given the option to locate your way there or directly teleport.
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added auto-detect and error report suggestion modal
  • Desktop app - Fixed vertical carousel scrolling
  • Desktop app - Fixed ability to zoom back in
  • Desktop app - Adjusted sizing on mini-window
  • Desktop app - Updated to v0.1.0
  • Adjusted mini-map to show black instead of transparent
  • Fixed calendar time zone bug
  • Improved calendar event display
  • Patched user role bugs
  • Fixed adding editor through Mapmaker
  • Fixed poster and video preview bugs
  • Fixed user video display to be off when blocked
  • Fixed portal between Spaces bug for anonymous users
  • Several performance fixes in regards to how the canvas is rendered
  • Several video fixes to improve connection and performance
Updates for June 27, 2021
Summer is in Full Swing and our Art team is excited to help you celebrate with friends near and far! Meanwhile, our engineering team has been hard at work improving performance, squishing bugs, and creating some huge quality of life improvements we are looking forward to releasing!
four images in a 2 by 2 grid. The upper left image is of fireworks in a box on the end of a doc, the upper right photo is of 6 chairs around a firepit with a bbq grill to the right side of the grill, the bottom left image is of an ice cream truck, and the bottom right image is of fireworks on a black background
⚠ Potential Service Disruptions
And image of a granny throwing her laptop into the trash
On Monday, June 28th at 9:00 AM ET (UTC-4) we will be performing a routine database migration. We expect little to no disruptions to our service; however, we also understand we should not assume.
Remember, you can always check https://status.gather.town/ to find out about the current status of our services or subscribe to https://twitter.com/gather_status to get live updates!
👀 Sneak Preview of Space Dashboard Update
A screen grab of the new dashboard which is a lovely dark blue color with option categories on the left side and the view of the category on the right. Categories include Reservations, Space Preferences, User Roles, Space Access, Banned Users, and Shut Down or Delete.
No new major features this week. Instead, please enjoy this sneak peak at our upcoming Premium Dashboard update! In addition to this sleek new interface, we have a big announcement to make in early to mid-July, so stay tuned!
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Canada Day and 4th of July objects are live!
  • Added line breaks to Note objects [Use "\n" or "\r"]
  • Fix a few bugs for TV Modal bugs and tweaked its UI
  • Added differentiation between others self muting and you muting others
  • Added tool tips for various UI features
  • Fixed z-index on emote picker
  • Smoothed out Private Space highlight transition
  • Added validation for adding user role fields
  • Locate now renders above objects
  • Patched restrictions to file uploads
  • Fixed several door extensions bugs
  • Fixed undefined camera and mic input when portaling between spaces
  • Fixed a few Smart Zoom Bugs
  • Fixed 500 error for "Join Space" email invite flow
  • Highlight other characters when mouse'd over
  • Desktop app - Fixed error on closing mini-window
  • API - Fixed user token input for PUT calls
  • API - Patched several endpoints
  • Several performance fixes and improvements
Updates for June 20, 2021
🚪 Door Extensions (Beta, released Monday, June 21st)
 A view of an outdoor bar with tiki tables displays. The gif shows the avatar walking toward a door outlined in yellow. When the avatar is within activation distance, a prompt displays with the heading: "This is a password-protected door!" and the text: "Welcome! To open this door, enter the password below." A hashed password is typed, and the avatar successfully opens the door and walks into an indoor bar.
We're excited to beta test our first two Gather Official extensions:
  • Doors that open and close when you interact with them, and
  • Doors that only open with a password
Both of these extensions will add and remove impassible tiles based on a set action. If you erase either type of door, the impassible tiles will remain until deleted in the Mapmaker.
To get started with our extensions, you will first need to:
  1. Activate Beta Features in your space
  2. Turn on each extension you wish to use by going into the Mapmaker options menu and opening the Extensions Settings
A gif of a space in Mapmaker mode displays. The hamburger menu in the top left corner of the screen is clicked, and Extension Settings is selected. Then, for both Doors and PW Doors, the Activate Extension button is clicked.
Objects associated with Extensions can be treated similarly to other objects and can be found by clicking their related category in the Object Picker (either in Mapmaker Mode or inside your Space using Build Mode). Make sure you don't change the object type for the Extension to work properly!
All Extension object categories are marked by a puzzle-piece icon next to their names. You may need to scroll down to find what you're looking for!
A gif of the Object Picker in Mapmaker Mode displays. First, the More Objects button in the right-hand menu of the Object Picker is clicked. The Object Picker opens, and PW Doors is selected from the menu of available objects. The Password door object is selected, and the Select button is clicked. The Mapmaker Mode displays, and the door is placed on the map at the entrance to the room.
To update the information for password-protected doors, interact with it while you are inside of your Space. If you are an owner or moderator, you will see the option to edit the door's information.
A gif displays of an avatar standing in front of a password-protected door. The prompt displays with the heading “This is a password-protected door” and the text “Welcome! To open this door, enter the password below!” An Edit and Submit button display. When Edit is clicked, an Admin Settings modal displays. "Words!" is typed in the Header field, then “Fancy message” is typed in the Update paragraph field and “test” is typed in the Update password field. The Save button is clicked. The avatar now sees the prompt for the door with updated text.
Extension functionality may take up to 30 seconds to fully load once your Space becomes active (aka, has at least 1 person visiting), so if something doesn't quite work the first time, wait a bit and try again!
🛎Manage Chat Notification Sounds
A gif of a Space displays. The chat bubble icon in the left-hand menu is clicked, which opens the Chat panel. In the Chat panel, the cog icon is clicked, which opens the Manage Chat prompt. The Notifications setting is toggled off and the prompt is closed.
For those of you who hang out in Spaces with others who love to chat, you now have the option of turning off the chat notification sound.
Remember that you will normally only hear the notification sound if your Gather screen is out of focus (aka, if you're in another tab).
On the Gather Desktop App this option will also turn off the pop-up notifications.
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added ability to kick out a user from a Space without banning them
  • Fixed Auto Idle mute choice from being forgotten upon refresh
  • Added screen sharing stream quality indicator
  • Fixed browser compiling warnings
  • Fixed AV errors during tutorial
  • Fixed Chat scrolling with movement bug
  • Fixed Camera switching from preferred camera
  • Will no longer say camera is disconnected if there is no camera input
  • Fixed Incognito AV Permissions bug
  • Applied stricter conditions for showing disconnected message
  • Fixed shadowed icons breaking bug
  • Remove self-ban button in gridview
  • Fixed bubbles between someone in a private space and someone who is not
  • Patched Portals
  • Updated "Disable Invite" setting
  • Added Gather Staff Access toggle
  • Added automatic switch to object mode when duplicating object in MM
  • Several more performance improvements
  • Additional video/connection bugs squashed
Updates for June 13, 2021
We're been plugging away at improving performance with a scattering of bigger projects with longer timelines so this week's update is short and sweet.
🔍Smart Zoom (Gradual Roll Out)
image showing someone named "zooming" open their user preferences and adjusting the canvas zoom on their Gather Application
To help images and objects render as crisply as possible on every shape and size of screen, we've created Smart Zoom. This feature will:
  • Automatically adjust how zoomed in your view of Gather is
  • Recommend the best viewing setting to prevent image distortion
If you would rather adjust your canvas size on it's own, you are welcome to manually adjust your own zoom in your user settings. This setting also allows you to see Gather maps better without compromising the size of your sidebars and options menus!
This feature is in Gradual Roll Out - which means some of you will see it before others to help us ensure all of the kinks are worked out before we roll it out to everyone!
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round up
  • Increase non-optimized screen share limit from 1080p to 4k
  • Remove 680 kps limit when screen share optimization is turned on
  • Bubble start bug
  • Create New Room name erased on click bug
  • Zero character room name bug
  • Special characters in Space names bug
  • Chat Bee Movie bug
  • Gather Staff Access toggle
  • White screen after check out bug
  • Guestlist upload error
  • Several video bugs
  • Fixed several connecting issues
  • Lots of performance improvements
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for June 6, 2021
If you're looking to Gather for some fun in the proverbial sun with your friends and family this Summer, be on the look out this Sunday for a Special Summer Promotion!
A portion of our actual remote-work office fully dec'd out and ready for Summer! The top portion of this image features a sandy beach with a grass roof bar area framed by tiki torches and a young coconut drink on the table. There are several beach chairs, towels, and palm trees laid out as well as a fire pit and a volcano on the right side. The bottom half is a water scene with a jet ski, duck shark fin, and surfboard. In the bottom right corner there are 3 people, two are underwater and the their is dancing on the wood floor next to them. pride bunting on the bottom right
🎙Original Audio Setting
You can find the Original Audio setting under your User Preferences.
Running a Concert? Planning a talent show? Or maybe the default audio processing from Gather just isn't working for you? Well, now you can use your Original Audio in Gather!
We believe in flexibility and customization. With the new Original Audio setting, you can gain greater control on how your audio is processed! When you turn this setting on you will turn off:
  • Echo cancelling
  • Noise suppression, and
  • Gain control
The audio you send to Gather through your own input system will be played as is. Our audio codec is set to a 48k clock rate, with 2 channels.
🌌Seamless Inter-Space travel
An animated image showing a person named Dr. Where walking across an eclectically decorated office to a desk area decorated like a tropical island. Upon arrive at the island, they are prompted with a message saying, "This portal will direct you to another Space. Press the Enter key to Continue." Upon doing so, they are transported to a large tropical island
As the World becomes more connected, we've found that more and more people want to connect their Spaces with others. To improve this experience, we've removed the audio and video check screen for those traveling from one Gather Space to the next using Inter-Space portals. You will still get the warning about entering a new Space, but you won't be asked to check your hair before entering anymore!
Whether you're connecting your own Spaces or the Spaces from a huge collaborative effort between several organizations, we hope this helps create a more seamless experience for your guests.
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round up
  • Additional ambient sound selections through Object Picker!
  • Follow feature breaking through portals fixed
  • Increase nickname limit to 50
  • "Newly Added" category added to Object Picker
  • Minor fixes to rotating and copying objects in mapmaker
  • Push Notification fixes
  • Exit Gridview with iframes fix
  • Build tool click priority fix
  • Link to Premium Dashboard added to Mapmaker
  • Updated modals for banning users
  • Adjusted default zoom
  • Password Revalidation
  • /app avatar picker white screen
  • Notifications temporarily removed from desktop app
  • Lots of backend improvements
  • Several performance improvement tweaks
Updates for May 23, 2021
🎙Updates to Video and Muting UI
Image showing a video carousel where the first video is normal with video off, the second shows what you see when you hover over the first video, the third shows a video that you have turned off for yourself
We have revamped the video viewing and muting UI to make it more obvious when someone is available and whether they are muted or if you mute them!
For the above image:
  • On the left - This person has turned off their video.
  • In the middle - What you will see if you hover your mouse over their video and it is turned off
  • On the right - What you will see if you choose to turn off this person's video feed from your own view
For the Below image:
  • On the left - You have muted this person (you will only see this on hover)
  • In the Middle - This person has muted themselves
  • On the Right - This person is tabbed away and they have auto-mute turned on
Three video feeds, the one on the left is what you see when you mute someone else, the middle is when they mute themselves, and the one on the right shows that they are tabbed away with automute turned on)
We have also changed the "Ring" option so that it only appears if they are tabbed away! The button is also a little smaller. To ring someone, you will need to click the icon on the right side of the words, "Tabbed Away."
📝 New Notes Object Look
Image showing the new note object which looks like a yellow notepad that overlays a small portion of the existing map and a video preview at the top with the name "Notes Make-over!" The words on the note say "Check out the new "opened" Note object look! Website links inside of notes will open in a new tab - https://feedback.gather.town/changelog"
Same functionality, fresh new look! Perfect for embedding website links to open in a new tab or hinting at your co-worker to maybe remember muting their mic when they step away from their computer next time.
📢 Spotlight Icon Update
Image showing someone who is spotlighted. There is a megaphone to the left of their name and their entire name is highlighted in orange
We've updated this to make it more clear when someone is spotlighted! We've also updated the iconography to be consistent across our platform.
It should also be easier to tell when you are spotlighted. Your name will be highlighted in orange and message will temporarily appear if a moderator spotlights you or if you step onto a Spotlight tile.
Image showing the bottom right of your screen with a message saying "Moderator has spotlighted you. You can unspotlighted yourself by opening your name card." Your name is also highlighted in orange with a megaphone icon on the left side
📺 Collapse Video Sidebar
collapse bar
You can collapse your your vertical video carousel when watching at screen share (or when you have someone else's video full-screened) by click on the arrow next to those videos pointing to the right side of your screen.
Also, if your mouse is still for a few seconds, the other UI overlays will fade!
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round up
  • Corrected user settings blurriness
  • Updated user settings z-height prioritization
  • Updated Gather menu in upper left
  • Text changes for logging in and guestlist sign-in screen
  • Message notification sound applied to "everyone" messages
  • Text corrections in various menus
  • Room Template Selection Screen updates
  • Active speaker highlight now visible on your own video
  • Additional performance improvements
  • Shadows for all components on canvas (Yay for 3D~! )
  • Busy status update for colorblind accessibility
  • Names now shadowed
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for May 16, 2021
📺 Improved Full Screen UI
Image of a dog on a bed looking longingly at a video of a person with a cat along with several over videos stacked vertically on the right side of the screen
We've revamped the look and feel of full-screening videos! You can full-screen someone's video by clicking on their video in your video carousel. The biggest changes include:
  • All non-full screened videos will now be vertically stacked on the right side of your screen
  • The nickname of the person you have full-screened will be listed on the bottom left
  • You can easily close full-screen mode by either clicking the minimize button in the upper right or by pressing the "ESC" key on your keyboard.
📽 Improved Screen Sharing
An animated image showing someone switching between various screen share videos
You've all been asking and we're excited to finally release the newest version of screen sharing! Exciting new features include:
  • Default minimized mode for the person sharing their screen -- No more staring into the infinite hall of screen shares!)
  • Multiple Simultaneous Screen Sharing! -- Easily switch between different screens by clicking on them on the right!
  • All shared screens will be in the video carousel with a blue outline -- The vertical stacking of videos when full-screened
  • Sharing computer audio! -- Only Available on Chrome at this time
  • Be able to interact with objects while someone screen shares
  • The ability to hide the video carousel during screen sharing is in progress!
To share your sound, don't forget to check the box in the bottom right corner.
An image of the Chrome browser share screen prompt with an arrow pointing at a circle that encompasses the Share Audio option
This feature is only available in Chrome
Bonus feature: Video optimization!
By default this will be off, but if you would like to increase the frames per second you are recording and sending to others, you can find this option by hovering over the screen share button!
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round up
  • Disable click interactions while modals are on
  • Default "Recent" objects updated
  • Follow overshooting bug
  • Portal following bug
  • Additional performance improvements (Thank you again for those of you who have been providing us performance profiles and troubleshooting with us!)
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
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