1-on-1 meetings are a critical tool and make up for a significant portion of people's time in the office (virtual or physical, when the latter was common).
1-on-1 are confidential between the two people attending. In the physical space, if the two people are in the same space, they grab a room or booth and close the door; if the two people are in different physical spaces (two offices or one at home and one in the office), they each grab a space and close the door (if/as applicable).
For that reason, one would need a way to grab a private space in Gather.town and then prevent others to enter the space until complete.
Although the recently added feature "Password doors" helps with this, the fact that only admins can set passwords for these doors make the corresponding rooms impractical as 1-on-1 rooms/booths because the same room (when not taken), cannot be re-utilized for different 1-on-1 meetings without all the participant having knowledge of the door password.
The only solution (to the best of my knowledge) currently would be to create 1 meeting room with a "Password door" for each 1-on-1 pair, asking the admin to create a password for each and share it with the two 1-on-1 participants.
I read somewhere someone suggesting to create doors that can be looked from the inside: that could be perhaps emulate the expected behavior in this scenario.
An alternative approach would be for room to be booked and locked to a set group of participants based upon a calendar schedule.
More than a question this may come across as a feature request or suggestion.
So the basic question is: am I missing something? Is the behavior I described already possible somehow? Given the frequency and widespread use of 1-on-1 meetings, I was surprised to not find someone else requesting it.