1) Coloured Private spaces 'wander' around on refresh. The tiles effect is still where it is supposed to be, but the coloured indicator tends to wander sometimes more than 10 tiles away from where it should be. workaround for us was to put 3x3 carpets down and take the colouring away from the private spaces.
2) Private space highlighting (or actually dimming of the rest of the room) was broken while tiles where misplaced: a far bigger area is highlighted. After applying our workaround the highlighting/dimming was fixed as well.
3) One of our users can not use Chrome to access Gather anymore: they keep walking even if they are not pressing any keys.
  • Switching space didn't help
  • Killing the browser and restarting the MacBook didn't help
  • Switching to the Gather App solved the problem (temporarily).
4) People dancing tend to keep dancing in the new engine. Even if they stop pressing the Z button.
5) Doors stopped working. When everyone left the space (at night) the doors resumed their normal function.